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Welcome To Forest Robots

Welcome. Forest Robots is a personal project of mine. It is a love letter to my daughter about the wonders of nature. The idea began after years spent exploring the mountains of the Sierra Nevada in California (U.S.) where I compiled countless pictures of my travels. It wasn't long after this idea began to take form that I also started to write music to match the visuals of the vast landscapes of the mountains. The first glimpse of this project is the music single "Shapes Shift In The Distant Shadows". It will be released worldwide on 11/10/17 (links to buy coming soon). In the meantime you can preview the song on the Music Section Page for free because who doesn't enjoy free stuff, right? Enjoy and if you have a minute, sign up to the mailing list to stay up to date. There are a lot of news coming out in the next few months. The link to sign up is on bottom the Contact Page. Thanks again for visiting.

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