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Forest Robots "Timberline and Mountain Crest" reviewed by Natalie's World

Good morning friends. Only four more days until the new album "Timberline and Mountain Crest" is released worldwide via every platform online for streaming and purchasing. I appreciate any repost you can make about the album. In the meantime here is another review that I'm thankful and grateful for. This is from Nataliezworld who sums up the album by saying "When it comes down to it, Forest Robot’s album “Timberline and Mountain Crest”, with it’s assortment of tunes, makes it be one of those albums you will not forget but adore. It’s uniqueness in music, will not just comfort you, but put you at ease with oneself and all else around you. Leaving you be breathless yet timid." You can read the rest of the review by clicking on the link below. Have a good start to your week everyone.

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