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forest robots

supermoon moonlight

part two

Hello and welcome.


Emmasierra Songs and Subexotic Records are delighted to introduce to you the sixth full-length and second album of 2021 by Fran Dominguez as Forest Robots, Supermoon Moonlight Part II.


This collection explores themes of parenthood, nostalgia, and mortality. When Fran's daughter was born, he became inspired to use recorded experiences in mountaineering-pictures, stories and music-to share and pass on his love of the outdoors to her. Forest Robots was born out of this inspiration and 2018's Supermoon Moonlight Part I was the first album that soundtracked these mountaineering experiences.


The soundtracks continued all the way through 2019’s Times When I Know You’ll Watch The Sky and this latest album is the conclusion to the story arc he has been soundtracking for her these last four years. It is meant to bring full circle, both in sound and themes, everything he's previously shared throughout each release. 


This album also includes, for the very first time, lyrics, albeit unsung. The lyrics are meant to bring into focus the essence of this project by sharing in greater detail the nuances of parenthood and how the dynamics of caring for and guiding a child shape your perspective in life and your place in the world, specifically, the world you are shaping around your child versus the world that is out of your hands to control and protect them from.

After 2020’s critically lauded album After Geography (Bandcamp Daily’s Best Of 2020, Electronic Sound Magazine Issue 69, The Moderns 2019-2020), and the recently released Amongst A Landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning by Wormhole World Records, Fran switches gears and genres once again to explore his love for IDM, Ambient and acoustic influenced electronic music. With an emphasis on piano, stringed instrumentation and modular, he also comes back to an element of music he hasn't used in his previous two albums-groove and beats. Shades of Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’, Boards of Canada’s ‘The Campfire Headphase’, Four Tet’s ‘There is Love in You’ and Aphex Twin’s “SAW II' permeate throughout the album with great deft and dexterity.


To mark and celebrate the end of this soundtrack story arc, Subexotic Records will be releasing Supermoon Moonlight Part II on vinyl, with printed lyrics, in addition to digital and streaming. The album will be available on Bandcamp ( and all other digital platforms worldwide on MONTH DATE YEAR.

Thank you so much for your consideration and support.

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