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worldwide ALBUM release

Hello and welcome,

Emmasierra Songs and Elm Records presents for your consideration "Horst & Graben, the sixth album and second full length release of 2021 from Fran Dominguez, AKA, Forest Robots.

The album is a reflection on the stories from David George Haskell’s book ‘The Songs of Trees' and uses these stories to contemplate the direction of our own sense of spirituality and existentialism in a pandemic ravaged world where it's becoming increasingly difficult to ignore our status as global citizens amidst non-stop social unrest. 'How do we move on, together, from this continuing crisis?' 'How do we work together, despite growing chasms in ideology, to overcome the increasing threat of man-made and natural disasters?' 'How do we all meet each other halfway for the survival of our species?' 'Is that even possible?' The album has no easy answers but its central theme is that of connection, and how, whether we like it or not, our species is one massive ecosystem with a myriad of complex connections with one another. But how do we solve the irony of being equally the most advanced and least effective ecosystem on this earth? Again, the album has no easy answers but invites us to acknowledge our predicament.

'Horst & Graben' consists of ten tracks that draw inspiration from the late 1970’s ambient and electronic works of Hans-Joachim Roedeloius, Brian Eno, Michael Rother, David Bowie, and Cluster. Like Dominguez's previous two albums, After Geography and Amongst A Landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning, this album subtly weaves in and out of Ambient, Electronic, Neo Classical, Drone and Experimental genres with skillful and detailed oriented focus.

The album has also been beautifully mastered by acclaimed Ambient musician Taylor Deupree. It will be released on cassette and digital by U.K. based Ambient label Elm Records on September 1st, 2021.​ Thank you for your consideration.

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