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worldwide ALBUM release

August 2020


Emmasierra Songs presents for your consideration "After Geography", the fourth full-length album by Fran Dominguez and Forest Robots. Eight months after the acclaimed "Times When I Know You'll Watch The Sky", Dominguez returns with a collection of ten sparse, minimal, piano-based works touching on Classical, Ambient, Drone and Music Concrète. Reminiscent of music by Harold Budd, Erik Satie, and Nils Frahm, "After Geography" harks back on Fran’s past outdoor explorations with a sense of dust worn, sun baked nostalgia and explorative wonderment. The sound of the album focuses on the minimal and highly intimate with themes as grand as the outdoor places that continue to serve him with great inspiration. Below is a description of the album’s genesis by Fran himself.

“In 1966, during the final days of recording what would be their seminal album, "Revolver", The Beatles had yet to come up with an album title. Also at the time, the band had what many considered to be a friendly rivalry with The Rolling Stones. Earlier that year, The Stones had released an album titled, "Aftermath", and while working on titles for their own upcoming, yet untitled work, Ringo Starr suggested the title "After Geography". It was a suggestion meant to be a joke at the expense of The Stones. But ultimately, the idea was discarded.

​When I first read the story, I was amused but also, as someone who has gone on many cross country explorations, I was struck by the unexpected, deep poignancy of the phrase when taken out of its original context.

​Before any excursion, every experienced mountaineer will put in the time to research traveling routes, gear to bring, food to pack, weather patterns to watch out for and best times to travel. However, there comes a point during a climb when all of this preparation is inconsequential if your focus isn't there. If you carry even an ounce of hesitation, the biggest challenge will be between yourself and your insecurities. I feel "After Geography" is a great phrase to describe those moments-when an unexpected variable arises and regardless of your preparation, your intuition is seriously tested.

The current world pandemic caused by COVID 19 and the social unrest and injustices taking place across the country (U.S.) have been reminding me of those moments lately. There is so much information and disinformation out there, you have only your intuition to guide you in making the right choices. I feel this current state of the world is very much on par with those life altering moments in the outdoors.


It is my hope this album provides a safe space to think more thoroughly about our personal choices and make decisions that are more deeply rooted in empathy and compassion.” - Fran.

Thank you for visiting and for your consideration. - Fran & Emmasierra Songs.

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