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Welcome, my name is Francisco Dominguez and this is Forest Robots. Forest Robots is a love letter to my daughter about the wonders of nature. It is a collection of photos and music written to accompany them in the hopes of instilling in her the benefits of spending time in the outdoors and the importance of preserving our public lands. This site is a glimpse into the visuals and music of Forest Robots. I'm sharing this project  in the hopes that others also become inspired to spend time in the outdoors and perhaps even become an advocate for the personal benefits of the outdoors  and the importance of preserving our public lands. I invite you to explore this site. Thanks for visiting.


Forest Robots - Host & Graben Four-2.jpg

"Small music for big moments. An Ambient safe space." - Electronic Sound Magazine

"Forest Robots sounds are quite lovely." - Culture Mag


"Reminiscent of Boards of Canada’s early joyous work, Forest Robots taps into an uncanny kind of grace." - Viral Sound

"Cool ambient feel to it." - Electronic North

"Lovely experimental approach..." - Loodma Recordings


"Every bit as thoughtful, stylish and romantically wistful as each album's titles. - The Tinnitist

"An intense soulful journey of passion." Skope Magazine


"Ancestral in its fundamental elements, innovative in sound structures, and wonderfully pictorial in the musical delivery." - Nova Music


"Immerses you in a time and space you won't want to leave." - Iggy Magazine


"Amazing organic sound and feel. Musical genius." - Warlock Asylum International News

"Great synth work and textures. Big cinematic feel..." - Asian Dan


"Strangeness is good, especially when it's this beautiful." - Dancing About Architecture


"A stunningly beautiful, emotional and immersive listening experience." - I Heart Noise

"Nice deep vibe, the atmosphere is really ethereal." - EKM.CO


"Beautiful airy and ambient melodies. Jon Hopkins meets Clint Mansell." - The Ark Of Music

"Solid production, trippy!" - Muga Tunes

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